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Distance learning

Distance teaching is foreseen by the regulation but the Academy always prefers face-to-face teaching: it makes use of distance teaching only in exceptional and proven cases, or under specific legal obligations (eg: decree law of the President of the Council, pandemic obligations , etc)

Production announcements

Every year, the Academy makes available to the students production calls (coordinated by the Production Address) for the earning of economic funds for the realization of deserving productions.


At the end of the three-year period, after the final exam carried out in September by an external commission, certificates are delivered. The certificates have a professionalizing function, they are not a substitute for a degree. At the Academy we bring students to the world of work, not to a degree certificate.

International experiences

Possible international experiences are varied. There is a program, called Interact, with which the Academy carries out co-productions together with a partner school, generally European. These experiences can be accessed under a competition notice.

Career Service

The Career Service is the way to create a working network, useful when leaving the Academy. 20% of our students after the first year find work thanks to educational experiences. It also puts the student in direct contact with the work dynamics.

Business network,
Alumni program

We have and have been cultivating for twenty years a netowrk of Italian and international companies in the field of cinema and audiovisuals. Alumni who have finished attending the three-year period continue to receive job offers, through a newsletter, called ACT JOB.

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