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Summer School Programs

Accademia Cinema Toscana's Filmmaking Summer School offers two main course periods: one month and two weeks. During this time, students can engage in a variety of film-related activities, workshops, and experiences, encompassing everything from scriptwriting to cinematography and editing.

Tuition fee
One month
3500,00 €
1400,00 €
One month
Early bird
3200,00 €
1400,00 €
One month
Fee with scholarship
2500,00 €
1200,00 €
Two weeks
2500,00 €
900,00 €
Two weeks
Early bird
2200,00 €
800,00 €

Additional packages

Enhance your learning experience with our extra packages, designed to enrich your time at the Summer School. These packages include the Experience Pack, Personal Growth Pack, and Language Pack. Each package is tailor-made to provide you with a holistic and immersive educational journey.

Language course
Twice a week
400,00 €
Personal Growth
Every Sunday
600,00 €
Local Experiences
Every saturday
600,00 €

Schedule 2024


Plan ahead and mark your calendar for the upcoming Summer School sessions in 2024. We're excited to offer two distinct period options, ensuring that you can align your summer plans with our enriching programs.

Enrolling Deadlines

  • Early Bird: March 31

  • 1st Period: May 19

  • 2nd Period: June 16

  • Course dates

  • 17th June - 15th July

  • 15th July - 11th August

Meet your teachers

Meet the team

Frequently asked questions

  • How did you get admitted to this Academy?
    In order to attend our Academy, there is no entry test to be taken: however, the number of places is limited.
  • In what period do the registrations take place?
    Enrolling to the INTL summer school starts in FEB and ends in MAY. We conduct interviews all year round and are always available to meet you and explain our educational path, unique in Italy. The TUSCANY FILM SCHOOL has a limited number of disposable admissions.
  • What does the orientation interview consist of?
    The Academic Manager, during the interview, will try to understand what your professional ambitions, your passions are, and will explain the educational path you are going to face in how we will help you achieve your goals. Our academic path is aimed at those who want to transform their passion into a profession and enter the world of work with all the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • I am unable to come to the interview because I live far away, can you help me?
    Of course, in these cases if you are unable to attend the interview, you can take the interview via Zoom or Google. Does the interview commit me to sign up? Absolutely not, the interview is to ask for information about the school and teaching, it's a time to get to know each other and be able to ask all the questions you want.
  • I haven't studied art subjects and I don't come from an art school, can I enroll anyway?
    Of course, most of our students come from non-artistic schools, nevertheless they manage to become professionals at the end of the course and more importantly to find work. All our subjects start from scratch, so an artistic background is not necessary. We don't care where you come from and what you did, but only "what you want to become", we just need your passion and your will to learn a profession, we do the rest.
  • What do you need to attend the Academy?
    We only recommend a laptop, of any type, to facilitate the transition of exercises between school and home.
  • Does the school also offer textbooks to study?
    The Academy buys books every year, which it then makes available in the library for study. Plus, Teachers provide digital handouts to study on.
  • Are there any exams?
    There is one at the end of the course.
  • Is it possible to visit at school?
    Of course, both during the Open Days and by making an appointment.
  • When do the courses start and when do they end?
    The Academic Course starts in November and ends in June, including exams.
  • What is the value of the certificate or diploma?
    They have a highly specialized training value, but most importantly, above all you will have a portfolio of great value.
  • How much does it cost to attend the Academy of Cinema?
    How much does it cost to attend the Tuscany Film School? Check the cost section everything is visible in extreme transparency.
  • Is it possible to pay the school fee in installments?
    To register, you must pay at least the first registration fee, the balance can be paid in up to 3 installments.
  • Will you help me find a job at the end of my studies?
    The job of the career center is exactly that. The Academy is often contacted by companies looking for young professionals, and we do our best to put the most deserving in contact. In addition, the Academic Center provides a Career Center dedicated to you, students.
  • Why choose this Academy?
    Quality training, real. Not small courses, but constant, daily and practical training. Practical location, easily accessible. Perfect setting. The Academy of Cinema has been training new professionals in Visual Communication and Cinema for +8 years. through the Learning-By-Doing Method. Unlike many academies, institutes or universities that have a more theoretical approach, here it is put into practice from the first day of class. The teachers are all established professionals and will involve you on real projects to prepare you for the profession. So 100% practical! In addition, all teachers are professionals and collaborate / have production houses, companies or are freelancers. For this you will have a 100% practical training and you will see firsthand how a professional works. Full path This is the only training course in Italy with such a complete and operational program. You will not find such practical courses with all the subjects necessary to become a professional in the field of Cinema and Audiovisual.
  • Who is the course in Cinema and Audiovisual for?
    Post Diploma Course The three-year course in Cinema is indicated as an alternative to the University, as post-diploma training. It is a path suitable for anyone who wants to work in the Video, Cinema, TV, Communication and Creativity sector. Post Graduate Course Many of our students choose the Academy of Cinema after University, as a practical professionalizing master to approach the working world. The most suitable address as a post-graduate course is for those who have done Humanities.
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