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Campus Experience

The Academy is based in Lucca and develops in a structure  in which there are classrooms, computers, spaces for practical exercises with equipment and laboratories. Libraries and canteens are just some of the services made available to the student. Furthermore, the possibility of accommodation makes the Academy a real CAMPUS.

Find out how the Academy is organized and how you can take advantage of all the benefits.


Accademia Cinema Toscana offers all students enrolled at the INTERNATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM a unique package of Benefits

  • Library and Media Library;

  • Theory & technical classroom:in which the students learn the theoretical-practical notions and the skills necessary to manage the various software;

  • Study area and exercises;

  • Conventions of various kinds:sandwich shops, cinema clubs, copy shops (etc.);

  • Cafeteria:open for lunch and dinner;

  • Secretariat:the secretariat is available for any need of the student, in terms of training, organization and also of personal support through the figure of the tutor;

  • Career Service:a Career Service employee follows the student's training life to adapt his professional training experience to the specificity of his training;

  • ACT Job and ACT Proposes:monthly newsletters for ACT students with information about educational and work experiences or calls for festivals and competitions;

  • External accommodations:Accademia Cinema Toscana activates a bulletin board with accommodation offers of various types, with discounted rates.

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